1. The department shall supervise the collection, safekeeping and counting of all offerings and donations in all the Church services and programmes.
  2. The department shall review and confirm the correctness of offerings counted and recorded.
  3. The department shall supervise and ensure that all offerings are deposited in the church’s accounts as appropriate.
  4. The department shall be responsible for keeping and maintaining the Church accounts books and registers.
  5. The group should ensure that the church book of accounts is prepared in accordance with the RCCG policies, rules and regulations.
  6. The group shall prepare periodical income and receipts statements and balance sheet of the church for proper monitoring and accountability.
  7. The department shall prepare annual budget in line with the RCCG format, framework and requirements.
  8. The department shall cause to institute Internal Control procedure to safeguard the church assets and properties.
  9. The group shall reconcile the church’s accounts records to the bank statement monthly.
  10. The group shall always maintain utmost confidentiality with the information at its disposal.
  11. Members should not lose focus of the RCCG’s vision – To make heaven. In view of this, regular fellowship (Bible Study, Prayers and Worship) should be organized to encourage spiritual awareness and growth.
  12. All reports should be sent directly to the Pastor-In-Charge of the Parish.
  13. Members of the department shall operate with high sense of discipline and professionalism.