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March 31, 2017
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My Redeemer Liveth

Preacher: Pastor Gbolahan Fowowe
Topic: My Redeemer Liveth.
Text: John 20:1-10
The bible says the other disciple whom Jesus loved saw and believed.
What did he see? What did he believe?.
What does it mean to redeem?
To buy back, to pay off a debt. 
Job 19:1-7, 25
When Job said my Redeemer Liveth what does he mean?.
1. That I know my helper lives. isaiah 41:14
2. The stiller of storms in my life is alive. Isaiah 43:1
3. My teacher and my guard is alive. Isaiah 48:17
4. Isaiah 49:26 My defender is alive. 
5. My advocate is alive: every time the enemy brings up a case against me, I have a defender. Jer 50:34
6. My saviour is alive. Is 60:16
7. My father is alive. Isaiah 63:16, Job 19:25
The Bible identifies God as our *Redeemer and Father, have accepted Him as these in our lives? There are two families on the Earth:
the family of God and the family of the devil. Isaiah 59:19-20, John 14:6

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