1. The group shall manage the Church’s Cafeteria in a tidy and professional manner with moderate profit.
  2. The group shall ensure that adequate snacks, food, drinks and other refreshment needs of the church members are provided.
  3. The café shall always source its finance from the church purse except otherwise approved.
  4. The café shall only maintain accounts with the church accounts department.
  5. The department shall ensure that foods, snacks and drinks are brought from clean, tidy and hygienic sources before serving the church members.
  6. The department shall render quarterly and yearly accounts to the accounts department.
  7. Members should not lose focus of the RCCG’s vision – To make heaven. In view of this, regular fellowship (Bible Study, Prayers and Worship) should be organized to encourage spiritual awareness and growth.
  8. The Head of Department who is responsible for the running of the Department will report to the Minister in charge who will in turn report to the Pastor-In-Charge of the Parish.
  9. Members of the department shall operate with high sense of discipline and professionalism.