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Overcoming the adversaries of your Amen.

Preacher: Pastor Gbolahan Fowowe


Topic: Overcoming the adversaries of your Amen.

Text: Matt 14:22-32


What does Amen mean?

Amen means so let it be. Amen is one of the names of Jesus.

According to the definition of Daddy GO, “it means “consider it done”.

Amen is a product of prayer.


So what then is prayer?

Prayer is simply a cry for help. James 5:13, 1 Pet 5:10, James 5:3


What happens when you have prayed and there’s yet No manifestation?. 

Dan 10:2-3, 11-13

The devil withstood the manifestation of the amen. One major meaning of the word “Satan” is one who opposes everything that is good.


What are the adversaries of your Amen?.

1. Yourself. Matt 14:28-29, James Luke 1:13,18

2. Human Adversaries. 1 Cor 16:8-9

3. Demonic Powers and Forces. Matt 14:32


How do I overcome the Adversaries to my Amen?

1. You must acknowledge that your No 1 adversary can be yourself, when you doubt.

2. You must pick up the weapons of your warfare in Christ Jesus.

3. You must pray and continue to pray until the miracles manifest.


What happens when you have overcome the adversaries of your Amen

1. God will give you a new beginning

2. You will indeed move to your next level.

3. You will turn your afflictions of your next level into a testimony. 1 Pet 5:10


God does not hear every prayer, and God will only answer the prayer He hears. Prov 28:9, John 9:31


The prayer of the sinner is an abomination to God.

Who is a sinner?

A sinner is anyone who practises sin or take pleasure in committing sin.

Sin is every act that will not allow God to call you among his own.  1 John 5:17, 1 John 1:9-10


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  1. Shall the church overcome her adversaries? Explain?

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