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March 4, 2015
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November 21, 2016
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Praying for Beauty for Ashes

A message by Pastor Gbolahan Fowowe

Text: 1Samuel 30: 1-8

In the above text, despite his distress, pain, discouragement, problems, confusion and challenges, David did what every Christian should do when you have been afflicted; he went back to the Lord and inquired. He asked God, how did this happen? How do I get out of this?

What are Ashes? They are residues of anything that has been consumed by fire. It’s a life rendered completely useless after the fire of life has struck, but the good news is that God can restore ashes to beauty and He will restore you today in Jesus name.

What is Beauty? It is used to describe something admirable, desirable and pleasant.  If we look closely at Isaiah 43 vs. 2, we see the certainty of WHEN not IF. This means that every one of us at a particular point in our lives will encounter the fire of life and that fire of life can come in different dimensions and ways. However, I am glad to tell you that if the fire has struck in your life, God is going to give you beauty for ashes in Jesus name.

Beauty can also mean:

  1. That God will restore everything that has been stolen, destroyed, lost or killed. You will recover all, in Jesus name. Amen.
  2. That God will keep your portion for you so the enemy will not come near you. Even though you are in the fire, the fourth man will be with you and He is going to bring you out of the fire and protect you.

What are the causes of fire?

  1. Natural cause: There would be times and seasons in our lives when fire will burn and regrettable we would not be able to avoid it. God will allow it for a purpose i.e. to prove something to us. Isaiah 43 vs 2.
  2. Defeat in a battle: We are not talking about physical battles of life, we are talking about the spiritual battles of life. For instance a man has a dream where either masquerades are chasing him or someone strikes him in a battle. When he wakes up the following morning and he begins to feel aches in that particular part of his body, he goes to the doctors but they can not explain it because that person has been defeated in the spiritual battle of life. I pray you receive your healing for every fire that has afflicted your health in Jesus name.
  3. Persecution: As a Christian when you stand by the principles of God and you do not compromise, the fire of the enemy can be released because you are a child of God who has decided to keep the faith. You have decided that you will rather burn than bow. In Daniel 3 vs19-23, the fire came upon Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego because they decided to stand firm in Christ. I pray that every setup for your setback will be for your going forward. As a Christian living in this world you will face persecution but in John16 vs 33 Jesus says He has overcome on your behalf so therefore you will overcome.
  4. Carelessness and sin: When you are careless in the things of the Lord or disdain the things of God, you may be setting yourself up for fire to fall. It is not the fire that cleanses, purges or purifies but the fire that consumes Leviticus 10 vs. 1-2. I pray for restoration for you in Jesus name.
  5. Satanic attack: When you go through a particular season in life, satanic attacks can produce the fires of life Job 5 vs 6-7. When the fire strikes, it leaves a person helpless, hopeless, desolate or in mourning; everything that is going on well becomes struggle. In 1 Samuel 30, they reduced from the position of grace to grass. The tide will turn in your favour in Jesus name.

How do we access beauty for ashes?

For Beauty to happen in our lives, serious, unbroken and consistent prayer is needful Mathew 6 vs 5.

How to pray for beauty for ashes?

  1. Prayer of assessment: Look at your condition, assess your life, answers the following questions honestly; is this where am meant to be in life? is this what the condition of my life should be like? Psalm 139 vs 14. What is the situation in your life? Is everything wonderful?
  2. Prayer of inquiry: Lord, how do I move forward? How do I become restored?
  3. Specific prayers: Be specific in your prayers. Tell Him where you want Him to restore you. Mark 10vs51. Blind Bartimaeus went straight to the point “that I may receive my sight”.
  4. Prayer according to God’s will: 1st John5 vs 14-15, Ask God to restore you and do not ask Him to take someone else down. God can bring another position for you as He can create something that has never happened before. That is why sometimes God does not answer some prayers because we are praying amiss. There are enough resources for God to bless everyone of us and grant every desires of our hearts.

5.Prayer from clean lips: Psalm66 vs16-20. If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me because the Bible says out of the abundance of your heart the mouth speaks. God will hear your prayer in Jesus name.

Who will not receive beauty for ashes?

Who will God not restore? Who will their situation remain the same? Matt 3 vs 11-12. One who refuses to heed the word of God.  If you are yet to be born again, when the fire of the Lord falls, rather than cleanse or purge you, it will consume you because you will not be like precious metal but rather chaff. Isa. 61:1-3. Jesus is making an offer to somebody this morning, let me fulfill my ministry in your life. Will you accept this offer?

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