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Where are thou

Preacher: A/P Titilayo Ashiru
Topic: Where are thou?.
Text: Gen 3:1-10
Bible Reading: Gen 3:1-10
The question is not of Location, but of Position.
Why will the all knowing God ask man this Question?
* It is Prophetical
* To awaken our consciousness
* To convict man of our sin.
* To Bring us back to Him.
What did Adam do when God asked him this question?
He hid himself from God thereby losing the glory that was covering Him. We are not to hide ourselves when have gone wrong but rather we should go back into the waiting hands of God
Prayer Points
* Lord I cannot help myself, I need you to help me.
* Father by your word that you have sent this morning, relocate me back to the place of your presence.
* Father hold me by my hand don’t let me ever stray from your presence.

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