Your Mind Was Fashioned In God’s Image
July 10, 2019
A Clear Mind
July 10, 2019
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You Were Fashioned For Worship

List three elements of worship from 1 Chronicles 16:29. Did you find ascribing glory to God’s name, bringing an offering, and joining in the splendor of his holiness? Now look at Psalm 95:6. What posture is described? How does John 4:23 say to worship? When we put all these together, a beautiful picture emerges. Doesn’t it make you want to draw yourself in the picture? Have you ever completely lost yourself while singing praise songs to the Lord? What physical posture did you take? Some of us raise our hands. Some of us turn our faces up toward heaven. Some of us fall on our knees.

What seems important while we are lost in worship? Only God. It is this act which helps us get to the bottom line of our lives. Nothing else is as important as God—not our money, not our time, not our family, not our job, or house, or any material possession. And something else happens during worship. Peace envelops us. All our worries and concerns melt away in these moments. The Holy Spirit ministers to us when we give ourselves over to worship. We come away refreshed and with a better perspective.

Worship doesn’t only happen when we sing; it can happen when we read the Bible, and God speaks a new truth to us. It can happen when we’re praying, and we ask him to make us more aware of the Holy Spirit’s activity in our lives. Take a look at your calendar and schedule thirty minutes today to focus on God and lose yourself in worship.

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