You Were Fashioned By God
July 10, 2019
You Were Fashioned For Worship
July 10, 2019
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Your Mind Was Fashioned In God’s Image

My mind is a personal thing. Nobody can read it. My private thoughts remain private unless I decide to share them. With one exception: God can—and does—read my mind. This can be a startling revelation. But God created my mind and wants to help me control my thoughts.

Our choice to follow Christ was made with our minds. The Holy Spirit, “Christ in you,” dwells there.

God gave you the brain capacity you have, and he enters this space with his very presence to help you live your life. As a believer, you have a built-in app to help you navigate every day. There is even a speaker option for voice commands. When we read and study the Bible, we “hear” God speaking to us in our heads. It is the transformation of our minds by the spirit of Jesus Christ that allows us to hear him and the desire to obey him. The amount of time we spend reading the Bible and listening for God’s instruction determines the volume of his voice.

How much of your thought content would you willingly share with Jesus? How much of it might you be embarrassed or afraid for him to know? Since he already knows it all, now might be a good time to come clean and get it all out there with him. When we agree with God about our sin, it is called repentance. Once we’ve told him all the stuff he knew and patiently waited for us to tell him, then we can move forward. The air becomes quiet, and we can hear the “still, small voice” that guides our days.

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